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Seamless Ordering and Payments

Our all-in-one QR code solution simplifies ordering and settling bills, leaving behind the hassles of paper menus and manual calculations. Whether you're at a restaurant, bar, or enjoying room service, the process is effortless.

Unmatched User Experience

Our user-friendly interface sets the industry standard. Designed for maximum ease of use, it puts control in the hands of your customers, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Competitive Pricing

We take pride in offering the most competitive pricing in the market. Enhance the customer experience while saving on costs.

Industry Leadership, Customer Satisfaction

As the leaders in Portugal's hospitality sector, we bring expertise and innovation to the forefront. Our solutions keep customers satisfied with faster service and easy payments, whether in a restaurant, bar, or room service. Join us in transforming the future of dining.


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DeGrazie is not just a generic order and payment solution. It's a system-agnostic POS solution with a team 100% dedicated to solving the challenges of the Hospitality industry. We provide a simple and intuitive system so that your customers can enjoy your space with more ease and comfort. It's not just the customers who benefit; your employees also gain more time for what truly matters.

With a simple QR code placed on each location of your venue, customers have access to your digital menu so they can place their order. After their meal, customers access the QR code again to make their payment. Through the process they can choose to pay the bill in full or split the bill.

Before concluding a payment, pre-defined tip amounts are available to make your customers feel more compelled to reward your staff.

Your customers will only need a Smartphone with internet access. Then let deGrazie do its magic.

The most popular payment methods such as Apple Pay, MB WAY and meal cards are available to the customers.

Customers' orders and payments are automatically updated on app available both on iOs and Android. When integrated with your POS software, the same information is available on your system.

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We are always available by phone or WhatsApp; you don't need to send emails or wait forever for support. You can contact us whenever you feel it is necessary

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About us

We are a 100% Portuguese-owned fintech, with a team specialized in payment solutions.

Hugo Hilário
Founder & CEO
Luís Mesquita
Board & Finance
Carlos Oliveira
Board & Advisory
Luciano Alves
Senior Software Engineer
Ricardo Alves
Senior Software Engineer
Tiago Branco
Systems & Network Admin. - DevOps
Daniel Martins
Senior Software Engineer



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